Wapping Dental Centre

Facial Aesthetics

The clinicians at the practice offer free, no-obligation facial aesthetics consultations. Experts in their field, they have in depth knowledge of head and neck anatomy and physiology. Drawing on their experience in the field of cosmetic treatments, which can subtly enhance your appearance, they will be able to advise you about which treatments will best suit you to achieve your aesthetic goals, whilst always providing natural-looking results.

Treatments include:

  1. Wrinkle relaxing injections using botulinum toxin (upper face focus)
  2. Bespoke dermal and facial fillers (mid and lower face focus)
  3. Sunekos: brightening, lifting, and tightening (full face)

Who is suitable for facial aesthetic treatments?

Whilst the vast majority of people are suitable for treatment, there are some who cannot be treated due to a range of factors which include pregnancy, breastfeeding, neurological disease, or known hypersensitivity reactions. You are also not able to have treatment if you are under 18 years old. Your suitability for treatment forms an important part of your no obligations consult, where your clinician will discuss your exact circumstances with you. Your safety is always our top priority.

Are there any adverse effects to facial aesthetic treatments?

All treatment carries a certain degree of risk and this will be discussed fully with you in the consult and at the time of treatment. Some of the benefits of choosing a dental professional to conduct your treatment include:

  1. Thorough anatomical training in the head and neck
  2. In-depth training in medical emergencies with an onsite medical emergencies kit (including reversal products)
  3. CQC registered premises
  4. Use of premium tried and tested products from reputable pharmacies

Do the effects look artificial?

All clinicians at the practice favour a conservative approach to facial aesthetic treatments. This ensures results are natural to both fit and enhance your facial features. Results can be built up gradually and treatments spread over time to further ensure natural-looking results.





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